Day 2 – Spreadsheets and Stuff


Yesterday was my second full day as an intern; I really feel like I’m getting the hang of some the administration stuff here.

The first part of my morning was spent looking over the money side of things. I learned how to update and send off the various companies’ settlements after their show had finished, look at the income and expenditure of the theatre, send out sales reports and update the ticket sales folder. I also answered various emails and found I can reply to  most of them without help, which made me really pleased! I found the settlements a bit tricky; I’m not that great with spreadsheets and had to remember all the different types of tickets that there were and put them into their respective categories in the settlement (cash tickets, YPlan tickets, TicketScript tickets, comp tickets , press tickets, staff tickets and members!!) so I think I’ll still need help with that one for a while! I also went out for lunch with one of the ladies who runs the theatre and had a really nice chat about shows we’d done and theatre and Camden Fringe. Lovely!

I’ve also been busy updating the social media for the Etcetera and Miller Theatre Productions, the theatre company I’m Producing ‘Second Class Parents‘ with.

Speaking of Second Class Parents, I think I’ve got a photographer sorted for our rehearsals. I’m just talking to her about dates she’s available, but she’s really good and is kind enough to do it for free, which is amazing! 

I’m not working in the day today, I’m doing my very first evening shift in the Box-office. I’ve never done box-office work in a proper theatre before, so I’m going to be shadowing a lady tonight who will show me how it’s done. After that I should be okay to do box office work on my own. Yaay!

I’m loving this placement so far, I feel very busy and professional and the people I work with are so nice. I’m very excited for the rest of the summer; I think I’ll learn so much and have loads of stuff to put on my CV as well, which will be so helpful when I graduate. It’s also so great to be so immersed in theatre in this way and to be around people who love it as much as I do!

Definitely very happy 🙂

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