Starting Work at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden!

So, the last two days have been very exciting having just started work with the lovely people at The Etcetera Theatre, a small receiving house located above a nice pub in busy Camden High Street. I was very nervous to start with, but I’ve loved it so far. I’ve already learned lots!

Before my internship officially started at the theatre, I was given the very exciting opportunity to Produce a show for the Camden Fringe Festival, alongside my work at Etcetera! The show, ”Second Class Parents’ , is to be directed by one of the managers of the theatre, Charlotte, who is also going to guide me through the process of  Producing the play. The thought of having to Produce a ‘real’ show (not one just for my friends/family and not with  the purpose of it being an assessment at school/college/university) was very scary at first, I was so worried I’d mess everything up! However, after expressing my worries to Charlotte, her absolute confidence in me made me feel much better. After reading the play, I now cant wait to get started!

My first day (Thursday), was spent just getting to know how The Etcetera operates with Kate, who also runs the theatre. Social Media is a really important part of how the Etcetera advertise their shows, make contacts and promote themselves, so  to start off with I got a crash-course in MacBooks and their use of Twitter. I had never used either before, but pretty soon I was Hashtagging and ‘Cmd + V’-ing like a pro! I also learned all about their bookings system for tickets, their policy on space hiring and booking shows, answering emails, keeping  track of ticket sales and sending out press releases to their press contacts. My mind boggled by the end, I just hope it all stays in my head!


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